A traditional part of Christmas in Germany, the hand-carved smokeman comes in two pieces, between which a lighted incense cone is placed so that the aromatic smoke is seen to exit as wintry breath, pipe smoke, steam from a warm drink, or smoke from a chimney.

We have Santas and snowmen, our dragon family, and various craft and trade smokers such as firemen, cooks and traveling salesmen. Stop by to see the great selection. Ask us to demonstrate a smoker for you, and don't forget to pick up some incense. 

Hand-made in the Erzgebirge Mountains of Germany.
Our Traditional German Candle Pyramids

All pieces are carved from wood using traditional, German hand-crafting techniques.

Light the candles, and the heat from the flames spin the pyramid.

Ask us to demonstrate one for you, and don't forget to ask for extra candles!
Austrian Snow Globes by Perzy

Perzy snow globes are famous because the 'snow' stays in motion longer than any other snow globe.

Please contact us for current style availability.
We have a large selection of both hand-painted and unpainted pewter from Bavaria.
We have a large selection of German, hand-crafted Nutcrakers, including kings, guards and Bavarians with beer.  
The German candle pyramid is an ornate piece of artwork which uses the heat generated by the candles to rotate a fan, which will then move delicately carved figurines and images around in a circle.

The history of the German candle pyramid stems from the pre-industrialization age. The pyramid originated from the development of the windmill, first built in Persia somewhere between the 6th and 8th centuries. It is believed that crusaders brought the windmill to Europe. It is from this concept a candle pyramid was born.

Often in a candle pyramid, the center of the tier in the larger levels will be stationary. Having the center stationary on larger levels allows the pyramid to be lightweight, crucial for movement. The outer layer would turn around the central figure, with higher levels rotating as well. This gives the impression of a focal figure in the pyramid, which is perfect for depicting stories. The first German candle pyramids were used as visualizations to teach children Bible stories.

The German candle pyramid depicts a wide variety of scenes, including the Christmas Nativity story, villagers caroling, snowmen, Santas, shepards with their sheep, and reindeer among the trees.

Many German families keep the tradition of bringing out their candle pyramid at the beginning of the Advent season.

Incense cones are used in our wooden smokers. We have a large selection of different scents: pine, marzipan, myrrh, punch bowl, almond, baked apple, and chocolate.

Ask us to demonstrate a smoker for you.
German Christmas Shop
German Smokemen
Snow Globes
Candle Pyramids
Wood and Glass
German Pewter
Every year from October to the end of December, Ursel's Web transforms into a German Christmas Shop.

The holiday exhibit begins with an open house reception, including wine and cheese, great fun and conversation. 

Some of the items to be found in the Christmas Shop include Bavarian pewter ornaments, wooden Nutcrackers and Smokemen from Germany, as well as candle Pyramids and hand-carved, wood ornaments. There is mouth-blown, hand painted glass in abundance, many in the old world style.

In addition to German items we also have glass ornaments and tree-toppers from Vienna, Poland and the Czec Republic.

Holiday, hand-woven decorative lace table runners, and our ever-popular Mushroom Birds are just some of the traditional favorites among our customers.

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We have a very large selection of wood and glass ornaments and decorations. Hand-made, hand-carved, and hand-blown in Germany.
Wooden Tea Light Holders
and LED light lanterns
40th Annual Christmas Show