German Smokemen

A traditional part of Christmas in Germany, the hand-carved smokemen comes in two pieces, between which a lighted incense cone is placed so that the aromatic smoke is seen to exit as wintry breath, pipe smoke, or steam from a warm drink.

Hand-made in the Erzgebirge Mountains of Germany.
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Our Traditional German Candle Pyramids.

All pieces are carved from wood using traditional, German hand-crafting techniques.

Light the candles and the heat from the flames spin the pyramid.

These are just a few samples of the Candle Pyramids we have available. Contact us for current availability and how to purchase.

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CHRISTMAS  - Incense Cones
PINE  - Incense Cones
MYRRH -  Incense Cones
SANDALWOOD -  Incense Cones
Austrian Snow Globes by Perzy.

Perzy snow-globes are famous because the 'snow' stays in motion longer than any other snow globe.

Large, 5 inches $39.00. ~ Medium 3 inches $26.00. ~ Small $16.90.

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We have a large selection of hand-painted and un-painted Bavarian Pewter!
MINI CONES, ASSORTED - Mini-Incense Cones for our SMALL and Miniature Smokers. 24 cones. 3/8" x 5/8" $2.95.
We have SANTAS and SNOWMEN, various CRAFT & TRADE smokers as well as the items shown here. Everything just goes too fast to post here on the site, so Contact us today!
We have a Large selection of hand-crafted Nutcrakers, too! Chimney sweeps, Kings, Fairy tails, Guards and Woodsmen. Contact us for current availability.
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Smoke Dragons , handcrafted from Erzgebirge  Mountains in Germany.
Women Smokers - from Germany Smoke rises out of the teacups, chicken dumplings, bowls of vegetables or pies.
Smoker Women
Festive German SmokersSmoking GentsTradesmen Smokers
Our Holiday Items are only available from October through December.
The German candle pyramid is an ornate piece of artwork, which uses the heat a candle generates to rotate a fan, which will then move delicately carved figurines and images around in a circle. There are several other names used to describe candle pyramids, including: German pyramid, candle carousel, Windrädchen and table whirligigs. All of these names describe an item that has a central rod with a fan connected to the topmost end. Wind or heat is used to generate motion in the fan. This motion causes the rod to rotate and in so doing, causes movement of figurine settings.

The history of the German candle pyramid or candle carousel stems from a pre-industrialization age. The pyramid originated from the development of the windmill, the first of which were built in Persia somewhere in the 6th to 8th centuries. It is believed that the windmill migrated with the crusaders back home to Europe where they were used to pump water and as grinders for numerous things should as wheat and seeds. It is from this concept a candle pyramid was born, where a fan propels lightweight wooden tiers. Often in a candle pyramid, the center of the tier in the larger levels will be stationary, containing a central figure (ex: the Christ child). Having the center stationary on larger levels allowed the pyramid to be lightweight, this is crucial for movement. The outer layer would turn around the central figure, while higher levels rotate as well. This gives the impression of a focal figure in the pyramid, which is perfect for depicting stories. These beautiful decorations are the view that one sees while appreciating this piece of art.

The German candle pyramid describes a tiered item, which usually has a theme (for example, Holiday or Nativity) and on each tier are figurines dramatizing the theme. The first German candle pyramids were used as visualizations to teach children Bible stories. It is said, that before books became prevalent in people's homes, that families would learn Bible stories from plays that were performed in churches. Parents later used the characters from these plays to create figurines, which symbolized different portions of the story. These characters would be placed in a various order on one to five tiers. Candles would then be lit below the fan in the pyramid and the candle carousel would begin to rotate, telling the story as the tiers revolved.
The earliest story being told on the candle pyramid is that of Adam and Eve and life in paradise. This story was typically told in the beginning of the Advent season and it is from this story that the classical shape of the tier originated. The pyramid is shaped to look similar to a tree, symbolizing the tree of good and evil, with each tier getting smaller and smaller as it approaches the top. Typically, there is also a ball at the top tier, symbolizing the forbidden fruit.

As the holiday season developed and Christmas began to be celebrated, the paradise story was replaced with that of the Christ child. In addition, children began to decorate their pyramids with tinsel and small paper ornaments. It is believed that the origination of the modern Christmas tree came from the candle carousels. Today, German candle pyramids demonstrate a wide variety of themes from Paradise, the Christmas story, to villagers caroling, but are mostly related to the holiday season. Many German families have the Christmas tradition of bringing out their candle pyramid at the beginning of the Advent.

The pyramids/carousels range in size and design with some having an A-frame exterior, some having one or two levels, while others have many tiers with multiple levels of candles operating the rotary blades. The majority of pyramids, however, are under 2 feet tall and are used as tabletop decorations during the Holiday season. They are most frequently found at Christkindl markets or are imported from artisans around Germany.

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