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Virtual Shopping is now available!
We've added a new service at the Web – VIRTUAL SHOPPING. 

For anyone uncomfortable with shopping in person, or too far away to visit, we can have a video phone call where the shopper can see and choose from all of our wonderful gift items. We will offer curbside pickup or shipping. 

For more information and to schedule your virtual shopping call, email us directly or message us through our Facebook page.
Summer 2021

Is everyone ready for summer?

Here at Ursel's Web we are continuing our summer tradition with our 8th Annual Pottery Exhibit. 

Back by popular demand – local potters Cyndi Krupa, Jackie Rome and Kati Carling.

Cyndi Krupa is the owner of New Leaf Pottery. When she isn't teaching her own classes, Cyndi is creating pieces enhanced by natural elements including dragonflies and leaves. Her new pieces, mostly in shades of blues and greens, are just stunning.

Jackie Rome's pieces are functional works of art. Most of her pottery is layered or altered by hand with texture or clay embellishments. Jackie's pieces are available in a wide variety of glaze colors. 

We saw Kati Carling's work at the Wesleyan Potters and fell in love with her critters. She started learning pottery at Middletown High School and then continued at the Wesleyan Potters. Kati has recently moved to California, but our pottery show wouldn't be complete without her critters. 

Please stop by the Web for this summer-long event. 


P.S. New items arriving throughout the summer.